The Much More Than Me company was born from the idea that we can wear what we believe, what we want to support, or see changed in the world around us. Our overall message is found in our name- we are all connected to one another, more alike than we are different, and especially in times when so many opportunities exist for focus to be on oneself, we want to be a reminder to act with greater compassion toward others – both human beings and animals. Our tag line- Wear the Change, Live the Love, means that our actions define us; we can be more aware, aspire to be better, to care more. Much More than Me stands as a gentle reminder to give back in the ways we can.

Within this larger frame work is a passion for advocating on behalf of rescue animals that rely on all of us for a voice. Some of our designs enlighten about how dogs really end up in rescues (most often through no fault of their own,) inspire us about what we receive when we adopt, and reinforce how eco-friendly it is to adopt- good for the planet and good for the soul. We donate a portion of proceeds on the sale of every shirt to rescues, shelters and other humane organizations worldwide, and have done so since we sold our very first shirt in 2009.

The challenge in this day and age of self-promotion and over-sharing, is to remain humble and grateful at the core and to dig deeper for validation in a society that seems to want to do it for us. Fewer things help us do that better than giving and making a difference in the lives of others.