Unconditional. It is often paired with the word love when describing the way dogs and cats show loyalty, commitment and allegiance to their families. Our newest shirt: Unconditional Means Forever is a celebration of what it means to truly embrace an animal we make part of our family. This time, the adjective unconditional is our part of the equation. It is about how we love and show our respect and devotion to our pets the length of their lives that is at the heart of the concept of this shirt.

Life circumstances are not always kind, and sometimes, it is impossible for a dog or cat to stay with a family. In this case, excellent rescue organizations work tirelessly with foster networks and within their own facilities to house and care for animals until they can find their second chance home. We live in a time, however, when more services are available than ever that address free or inexpensive food for the animals, and adjusted or donated veterinary services. It can be worth it to reach out to a rescue organization and see if a pet can be housed on a short-term basis until a family gets back on its feet financially. Pets of the Homeless (www.petsofthehomeless.org) on our Resources page, is an excellent place to begin looking for some help if necessary. Generation Wags (www.generationwags.com) also on our Resources page, can be an excellent place to find qualified rescues. It is also an excellent place for answers to a myriad of questions that help people see a clear way to work through a challenging issue, such as a training issue, or something else that could jeopardize the animal’s stability in the family.

It comes down to the strength of the vow that is made when a dog or cat joins a family. Choosing wisely is crucial, whether the dog or cat is a puppy, kitten or an older animal. It is essential that the choice is made for all the right reasons. The winds of change are sure to come around in life, but honoring the pet that depends on you for its care and well-being, through thick and thin, is what our new shirt is all about.