As the time comes to say goodbye to 2012, I live in gratitude for all of the challenges that came just as I embrace that which I hold most dear. My love and appreciation for family has never been deeper, richer or more profound; I am thankful to dear friends whom I have known for a very long time, and new friends whom I plan to get to know much better in 2013. My senior dogs, both with special needs, inspire me each and every day and the gift of them in my life continues to fuel me forward to be a voice for the innocent, deserving animals that just haven’t found their soft place to land just yet.

Much More Than Me sells t-shirts, but my greater goal is to spread a conscious mindset of giving in the ways that we all can, and in welcoming new awareness’s about the needs of human beings and animals. Each day we get a chance to learn more and do better. I have learned that what we place the most attention on in our lives will grow beyond measure, and wearing a piece of clothing that celebrates connectedness, emphasizes caring in a greater way for others, and even dispels myths and educates about the needs of rescue animals, gives birth to more of that goodness in the world.

If you are aware of an organization you would like to bring more light to, or have an idea for a t-shirt you would like to see designed, or want to share a photo of yourself in a Much More Than Me t-shirt, email: May the new year bring good health to all in body, mind and spirit!