I recently heard a Buddhist saying: Things happen. You decide what they mean. A year ago, I watched a video along with millions attracted to this form of animal advocacy, and felt my heart free-fall with emotional anguish at such raw suffering.  Miley, a Husky Malamute mix, who was living in a junkyard, atop a trash pile; her battered, exhausted face, and skin infested and infected body would soon become a dog rescue icon.

Watch Miley’s Dramatic Rescue

I thought, why? Why such suffering? Perhaps it is her job to teach the masses what can happen when despair meets transforming love.

The village came calling and many hands and hearts healed Miley’s physical challenges. Often much in a rescue dog’s background is not ever known, but it was evident that despite neglectful circumstances, Miley, with the heart  of a lion,  not only responded to compassion, she offered it a hundred fold.

Miley’s journey was palpable; hundreds of people applied to adopt her as they saw themselves as being the ones who could usher her to a beautiful life. Our dear friend, Toni Bua, an accomplished actress, singer, producer, and writer deeply aligned with her own spiritual journey, was the chosen one to heal whatever scars remained inside.  A tigress herself in the way she has handled physical challenges such as breast cancer, and the emotional devastation of losing her partner in life, Gene, Toni was ready to bestow a boundless love onto Miley. The coming together was fate , and I might even say, divinely inspired.

Miley’s message is that tomorrow will be a better day. Care greatly and with all that is uniquely yours. Know that in a moment, destiny can rise to meet us where we are and elevate us to places beyond our comprehension. When there is Hope…. Anything Can Happen.